The eWON principle

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  • You want to supervise, tele-service and analyse your PLCs, machines and facilities outside your country or EU?
  • You want to keep access to your machines despite of BREXIT, refugee discussion or other crises?
  • You want to prevent expansive travels, security checks on airports or long waiting times on borders?
  • You want to help your customer as soon as possible?

You can do that!

Here you will find the example, how you can realize remote supervision and control successfully:
Teleservice of Thames Water

AIONA Automation presents:

The newest teleservice and industrial data solutions of the specialist eWON.
EWON is the pioneer of teleservice-networks since 10 years and has offered the first remote access modems for PLCs in the year 2001. Every EWON Router contains free access to the biggest and most advanced industrial VPN server network of the world: Talk2M
This is the biggest industrial VPN network in the world. It is serviced 24/7 and has 2 redundant servers on every continent at the minimum.
Talk2M is the only VPN network with a special solution for China to guarantee a stable access, in defiance of the special conditions in this country (“Great Firewall”).
Security is probably the most important aspect of the Talk2M architecture. The two-factor authentication works with HTTPS bank standard and whole system is based on guidelines set forth by leading security standards like ISO27002, IEC 62443-2-4 and NIST Cyber security Framework 1.0.

Another important aspect is the comfortable configuration.
Just some mouse-clicks and a few minutes to configure your Modem with automatic wizards and connect to your machine.

You can register an unlimited number of eWON router on you Talk2M Free account. The single limitation is one concurrent connection.
So you can connect to one router with VPN at the same time.
Additional 3 users get access over the web portal M2Web to every Homepage (fe.: IP cameras, PLC configuration sites, Web- Visualisations,...) and VNC Server (like HMI, PC,....) in your machines network. That works with every browser- able device, like Smartphones, Tablets, and much more. The cost- free included Cloud solution DATA MAILBOX makes powerful Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things (IOT) applications possible.

EWON offers 2 series:
1.) COSY : The Basic Modems enable quick and simple Teleservice.
2.) FLEXY : The Professional Modems are worlds first flexible Teleservice solution and support additonal PLC access, Alarms, Archiving, Web Visualisation, and much more.


EWON Devices can be tethered fast and easy with 3G or WAN/DSL/WLAN to company networks. The Talk2M function connects to the EWON T2M-server independently via a save VPN connection. The connection setup uses HTTP and switches afterwards to HTTPS (mobile banking safety standard) working in the same way like a PC with Internet browser. The system can be used everywere, if a normal Internet access is possible.
No changes are necessary in the IT configuration, firewall or with the mobile radio provider. EWON operates the required servers and backup systems. A highly professional administration and support team provides a worldwide and permanent availability: 24 hours a day / 7 days a week.

Modem variations:

3G Quadband (EDGE/UMTS/HSDPA/HSUPA) and WLAN or WAN for external DSL modems.

Teleservice:PLC: Point to point Connection, RAS or by Internet remote access Supported devices for Teleservice:

  • Siemens S7-1200/1500 with ISOTCP
  • Siemens S7-200 with PPI
  • Siemens S7-300 and 400 with MPI / Profibus up to 32 connections and ISOTCP
  • VIPA 100V, 200V, 300V/S and SLIO with MPI/Profibus and ISOTCP
  • Wago I/O modules with MODBUS TCP and RTU
  • Mitsubishi FX0-FX3 series, Q-series
  • Hitachi EH series with H-protocol and Ethernet H-protocol
  • Schneider premium TSX and Micro with UNITELWAy and XIP
  • Schneider TWIDO with MODBUS/RTU
  • Schneider MOMENTUM and QUANTUM with MODBUS TCP and RTU
  • Omron CJ and CS with FINS TCP and host link FINS
  • Rockwell: SLC5, PLC5, Micrologix, Compact Logix about DF1 +‚ Ethernet IP
  • Every SPS/device with Ethernet TCP/IP
  • Every device with RS232 / interface RS485

Routing and VPN:

  • Tunnel VPN with the „Shared Key“ authentication process
  • NAT and IP-filtering
  • Call back and dedicated line GPRS (fixed connection)
  • Support of dynamic addresses IP (e.g., no-IP.com)


about integrated web interface - by FTP file up-and download

RAS Modem, IP Router:

  • Remote access PPP with PAP and CHAP support
  • IP Address filtering, NAT
  • TCP/IP Routing table
  • Classical point to point call back


HTTPS encryption, integrated Firewall, safe OpenVPN technolo,gy IP Address filtering, user's authorization, saved connection setup by VPN, integrated NAT server


Notification in case of an alarm, SMS and/or put FTP. Free configuration of alarm priorities, dead-band as well as the turn-on delay. Alarm overview and alarm history in HTTP and with the possibility of FTP file-transfer. eWON disposes of a complete alarm cycle.


eWON is completely configurable through a web interface.
Own web pages can be created for the Serie FLEXY.
As support for visualisation projects the ViewON editor is available.


FTP client and server for the configuration as well as for the data transfer.


BASIC with eWON specific function extensions for, e.g., transmits / receives SMS, eMails, FTP-up-and download.