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GETT The keyboard specialist!

GETT is one of the leading providers of professional operating technology that is „Made in Germany“.
As a hardware specialist, it manufactures high-quality products and solutions for industry,
commerce and the medical sector.

Foil-covered keyboards:
Rugged and easy to clean, flexible layouts, for various industrial applications.

Silicon keyboards:
Waterproof und chemical resistent, cost- efficient, flexible designs, for Food & Beverage and Pharma applications.

Stainless Steel keyboards :
Vandal-proof, High degree of protection (IP96K), for outdoor applications,
information terminals, vending machines and ATMs or self-service

Hygienic control & capazitive Glas- keyboards :
Washable, easy to disinfect, water proof, for applications in offices, medical practice , hostpitals and hygiene-sensitive areas. There are no limits to design your own layout with capazitive glass keyboards.

GETT develops and produces both assembly groups and complete, turnkey operating
solutions using the own „InduKey“ brand. The traditional company fabricates the products
by hand at the own manufacturing base. As a result, it is in position to even handle
minimal numbers of individual items for customers.

Quality is the top priority. No component makes its way into the stores without being
checked; and no product makes its way to a customer without being tested. The strict
quality policy has ensured that GETT has had a reputation as a quality leader for years.
The „Standard products“ division offers one of the largest assortments of data input
devices that are ready for use. Industrial and washable keyboards for any field of
application are the key elements here. The range is completed by installable products
like trackballs and touchpads.

The „Customised products“ division comprises the complete work package for individual
operating solutions ranging from the idea to commissioning the system. This division
offers all the common and innovative technologies in the field of data input. The portfolio
ranges from mechanical keyboards to complex touch panels within a frame.
The „Services“ division provides all the in-house production work and services as a
single service. This enables customers to gain direct access to the relevant production
department. The following departments are available for customers: R&D services,
extensive production services and the assembly of printed circuit boards.