Glass is an attractive material for making front control panels. It is easy to
clean, very attractive visually and has a flat insertion depth.
Two main components are necessary for inputting data on glass surfaces:
the modified and printed decorative glass and the sensor electronics. The
sensor electronics can “simulate” individual keys, keyboards, touchpads and
touchscreens. The sensor electronics are usually available as printed circuit
boards (capacitive keyboards), as an adhesive foil (capacitive touchscreens)
or as individual capacitive buttons.
It is possible to define the important component, the glass, through features
like its shape, the thickness of the glass, its material specifications, polished
or printed touch elements, lighting and the type of attachment. In principle,
the shape of the glass front panel can vary between anything from rectangular
to circular. This alone gives rise to countless design options.
We are able to develop and manufacture individual glass keypads or glass
keyboards with a touchpad and even complete front control panels with an
integrated touchscreen and monitor. We can also handle special features like
grinding in hollows or lighting for individual details or the complete

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  • Glass as a user interface technology platform
  • Various thicknesses of glass
  • Printing the rear side
  • Integrating capacitive keys and keyboards
  • Integrating touchscreens and monitors
  • Option of providing indivdual lighting


  • High degree of hygiene through the flat surface
  • Flat insertion depth
  • Creative, optically attractive user interfaces

Fields of application

  • Kitchen and catering technology
  • Self-service systems(tickets, information etc.)
  • Medical engineering
  • Technical building services

Capacitive Glass-Panel Mount Keyboards - TKR-SERIES

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Capacitive glass USB keyboard, completely flat user interface made of
glass, built-in keyboard for adhesive Cleaning and disinfection by spraying
and wiping, function keys and key lock
Dimensions: 393 x 160 x 10,5mm

Long Stroke Keyboards– CLEANDESK-SERIES

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Waterproof Long Travel Keyboard with 105 keys
IP 68 plastic housing with anti-microbial surface
Dimensions: 459 x 174 x 35mm

Millions of germs that can cause sicknesses are on the move directly under
your fingers. As a result, your keyboard can become a real problem area!
Keyboards and mice are an ideal environment for germs and bacteria. Dirt
collects at the most inaccessible points and that makes them difficult to
clean. This gives rise to potential hazardous situations for hygiene-sensitive
areas like food production or the health sector. But it also affects traditional
PC workstations in offices We therefore recommend that you use specially
developed keyboards and mice. We can supply you with an extensive range
of washable keyboards and mice to meet any requirements.
The choice ranges from a washable office keyboard to a waterproof
professional keyboard for use in critical hygiene areas. In addition to the
standard products that are available, we can handle your individual special
wishes like printed logos or special keyboard layouts. We also develop and
produce completely new data input components and devices for medical
engineering applications.

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  • To protect patients, personnel and employees from pathogens
  • To improve the overall and reduce patient treatment times and downtimes hygiene situation
  • To prevent any nosocomial infections
  • To guarantee that infections are kept in check in the health sector and the food processing business
  • To provide cleanliness and hygiene at traditional PC workstations too
  • To reduce patient treatment times and downtimes


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You can significantly improve hygiene levels at traditional PC workstations with these products!
Keyboards are an ideal environment for germs and bacteria, even in normal home
and office settings. But they can quickly become a problem zone at a reception
desk in doctors’ practices and hotels, Internet cafes, information points, open plan
officesor public buildings. Products in the BASIC range are ideally suited for use in
these kinds of areas. Without forfeiting any normal ease of use, the units can be
washed with water and they therefore significanty reduce germ levels.


  • Improved hygiene by dipping the units in cleaning solutions and/or rinsing them
  • Very easy to use like a traditional PC keyboard
  • Suitable for use at home or in the offic
  • Individual customisation like logos or specific symbols and country layouts possible


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These keyboards and mice offer protection from germs and pathogens in a hygienic environment!
The keyboards and mice in this category are the number one choice in the
health sector, the food industry and other environments with increased hygiene
requirements. The units have an enclosed silicone housing that is dustproof and
waterproof. As a result, you can clean and disinfect the units completely.
This then totally prevents any bacteria and germs from gathering on the surface.
The products are available in a wide variety of options and functions and have a
long serviceable life.


  • Dustproof and waterproof design with a silicone surface
  • Cleaning and disinfection by spraying, wiping, rinsing or dipping
  • Very easy to use and long-lasting quality
  • Individual customisation like logos or specific symbols and country layouts possible
  • Warranties on selected models


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These keyboards are the first choice in medical areas with the most stringent demands!
Hygiene-critical areas like operating theatres at hospitals or food laboratories are
typical places where keyboards and mice in this range are used. It is possible to
constantly and thoroughly clean and disinfect these units because of their design.
The products are highly reliable and have a long serviceable life. All the technical
features have been precisely developed to meet your requirements in this sector.
The keyboards in this range are manufactured in Germany and meet the highest
quality standards.


  • Dustproof and waterproof design
  • Complete, thorough cleaning and disinfection by spraying, wiping, rinsing or dipping
  • Models available with touch surfaces made of glass
  • Top quality made in Germany
  • Individual customisation like logos, specific symbol or country layouts and new developments
  • Warranties on selected models