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We make your control system unique - just send us your request!
Machines and devices are as varied as fieldsof application where they are
used. For example, machines for metal processing have different underlying
conditions than fillingmachinery in the beverage industry or self-service
terminals in the public area.
The type of interaction with the relevant system is the crucial factor here.
The user can only operate the unit in a comfortable, precise and safe way
if the technology matches the application in question. The terms operating
and monitoring, MMI or HMI describe all the control technologies that are
We offer the complete spectrum of hardware components and systems at
the interface between humans and machines.
They range from special individual buttons to flt inserted keyboards and even
complete front control panels and operating systems. Our many years of
expertise are reflectedin a variety of successful projects and in our extensive
range of products that are ready for use. We satisfy all the requirements for
each fieldof application through our technological expertise, our development
capacity and our high level of in-house production.capacity and our high
level of in-house production.

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You obtain tried and tested and innovative products and developments with our hardware operating components

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We offer data input components that can be integrated in machines, devices and systems in this field. They range from industrial-standard trackballs to film touch panels and even flt inserted keyboards with a glass surface. We offer a wide range of standard products that are ready for use. And we manufacture customised products and solutions to meet any requirements using all the common technologies and even supply small quantities.

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Our Basic Technologies

  • Membrane and silicone keyboards
  • Stainless steel keyboards
  • Capacitive („touch“) keyboards
  • Plastic keyboards
  • Cursor controls like trackballs, joysticks and touchpads


Our front control panels enable you to communicate with your system in the best possible way

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We handle the design and production of units ranging from a simple touch
panel to a complex front control panel for large-scale plant. We combine
various materials with almost all the components available for data input
technology. Our solutions provide effective operating and monitoring, which precisely match the relevant conditions of use and customer requirements.

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We combine these elements and components

  • Front supports made of different materials (metal, plastic, glass, acrylic stone)
  • Switches, key panels and keyboards
  • Capacitive components like touchpads or touchscreens
  • Displays in various sizes and degrees of resolution
  • Additional mechanical input elements like joysticks, rotary and slide controls or jog dials
  • A wide variety of interfaces for exchanging data like USBs, Ethernet or NFCs


We develop tailor-made and reliable HMI systems for each field of use in each technology

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We provide complete HMI systems by bringing together hardware components and assembly groups, displays, gauges, frames, embedded PCs and visualisation software. The spectrum ranges from mobile control units with wireless data transfer to complete operating terminals with a robust industrial frame, a 19 inch wide screen touch monitor and a fieldbus interface.

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