Silicone mats are particularly cheap for mass production purposes in comparison
to other keyboard technologies. They are stable and reliable and offer almost
unlimited opportunities for designs.
The colours and shapes of key caps can be freely defined. Silicone mats are
made from highly elastic, toxin-free silicone rubber. The mats are created by
moulding them from the basic materials that are fused together at a defined
temperature and pressure. A special tool is necessary for each model.
There is usually a conductive carbon pill for each key on the bottom side.
The lower contact part is normally formed by meander-shaped conductors on
a film or printed circuit board base.

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Crucial technology benefits

  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Impervious to dirt and water
  • Good tactile feel for the individual keys
  • Reliable contacting on the printed circuit board
  • Almost unlimited design opportunities
  • Coating possible on the silicone
  • Can be delivered with plastic caps as an option
  • Suitable frame can be supplied
  • Several colours available on one silicone mat
  • Illuminated versions possible
  • Low-cost batch production

Silicon-Desktop Keyboards - TKG-SERIES


Silicone keyboard with 104 keys
VESA Mount 75x75
Integrated touchpad
IP68 water proof
Compliant with DIN EN 60601 (Class1, directive 93/42/EWG, annex IX)
Dimensions: 340 x 165 x 16,3mm

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Silicone keyboard with 105 keys
VESA Mount 75x75
IP68 water proof
Medical accessory, certified to DIN EN 60601
(Class1, directive 93/42/EWG, annex IX)
Dimensions: 387 x 150 x 22mm

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Silicone keyboard with 86 keys
VESA Mount optional
Integrated mousebutton
IP68 water proof
Backlighting system (8 levels)
Dimensions: 320 x 145 x 22,6mm