Software & Tools


The whole package includes 3 free of charge programs that allow for a comfortable setup and establish a connection from the equipment to the Internet.


Clever auxiliary programs support the first setup and the running work with the eWON system.

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This program fixes the IP addresses, saves the configuration and can update the firmware.

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eWON configuration wizard:

This web- interface is part of the operating system in the eWON device. It guides through setup of the Internet connection and the VPN connection with the T2M server and informs the user by a detailed test run.

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This program sets up the saved VPN connection of the PC to the T2M server and offers a comfortable management console for all associated eWON devices and users.

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Plug’n Route:

This program is part of the operating system in the eWON device and allows establishing a TCP/IP connection to devices like PLCs within the LAN without configuration of a gateway or router address.

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With every web browser on PC or Smartphone eWON devices can be reached via the Talk2M-server. With this it is possible to operate the eWON-configuration pages and customised web pages using the eWON device over a save connection.
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Integrated VNC Client. The screen of every VNC-device (fe.: Operator Panels) can be displayed on the eWON M2Web Homepage without a problem. By doing this, you can watch & control your visualisiation with every browser (Tablet, Smartphone, PC,…)