Industrial M2M Data Gateway & Router – Flexy-Series

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viewON3 is a graphical environment used to design animated HMI pages for the ewON Flexy. embedded as a web page, viewON 3 transforms the ewON Flexy into a powerful remote dashboard containing complete synoptics with various objects and animations.
viewON3 is a complete and powerful web HMI editor, fully optimized for remote access on any devices (PC, tablet or smartphone). viewON3 enables you to create HMI web pages, within minutes, in just a few mouse clicks and with no specific web skills or knowledge required.

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  • HTML5 and CSS3 compliant: full compatibility with any mobile devices
  • Improved remote diagnostics: alarm history, acknowledgement, real-time, historical trend
  • Instant access to data and KPI: a real-time view of remote equipment and other assets
  • Simple, no programming: no specifics web skills required
  • Can be viewed from anywhere by using Talk2M and eFive
  • Integrated simulator in the viewON3 editor interface
  • Enhanced graphical editing environment


viewON3 Development Environment for creation of visualisation HTML5-pages with integrated variables for eWON FLEXY series

Graphic Functions

Button, check box, toggle button, number editor, slider, alarm summary, alarm history, menu bar, trends, rectangles and squares, ellipses and circles, bézier lines and curves, library symbols, fully vectorized, SVG format

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eSync Data-Concentrator

esync is a data connector software that lets you concentrate and synchronize ewON historical data and alarms in a central server location. with esync, system integrators can easily integrate data into third party applications.

Collecting data from your remote assets allows added-value services such as energy efficiency, process optimization, predictive maintenance, regulation compliance, down-time reduction and proactive customer service monitoring and reporting. Thanks to the smooth integration of the eWON MM data gateway and eSync data connector, remote data collection has never been so easy!


eSync data connector software package


  • Data aquisition
  • Easy configuration and scheduling
  • Optimized data transfer protocol
  • Flexible operating mode (Internet, Talk2m or eFive)
  • Database buffering
  • Data file repository